February 24 | 4:00 - 5:00 PM (CET)

Shorten your time to market: How to transform medical hardware into a connected care device?


Why this webinar?

The path towards a complete medical device solution requires companies to address the connectivity, collaboration and care domains. On the connectivity side they need to make sure to address security, privacy and cloud related aspects to enable smooth data transfer and device management. On the collaboration side, they are required to provide a platform that enables patient-caregiver workflows, and on the care side, the ability to support an advanced analytical layer by running device-specific and AI algorithms alongside generic functions such as adherence and efficacy. While they understand the importance and potential of introducing medical devices which support continuum of care, they are facing significant challenges when building and launching connected care solutions.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  1. How you can save time when developing and launching a successful, compliant IoMT device.
  2. How a connected care solution helps you throughout the full product lifecycle, from clinical trials and pilots to production and post-market clinical follow-ups
  3. How to utilize the cloud to continuously update and evolve algorithms and functions, while maintaining the same device hardware.
  4. Real-world case study: how Neteera, a pioneering medical device company, established end-to-end cloud connectivity for predicting exacerbations in heart failure patients.

The BioT Connected Care Platform 
easily transforms any medical device 
into a connected care solution

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About BioT

BioT Medical, MedScaler & Medical Valley partner to provide expert insights and discuss the new frontiers of medical device connectivity in this exclusive webinar. 

Why reinvent the wheel? BioT helps developers of medical device on their connected care journey. Want to learn how to transform your medical device into connected care solution in just one day? During our webinar, you will discover how BioT's connected care platform ensures secure device connectivity, remote monitoring, patient engagement and operational management, all on a single platform.

To read more, visit https://www.biot-med.com/ or this white paper.

Expert speakers

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Rani Shifron

Rani is VP Marketing and Business Development at Neteera, and has 35 years of experience as skilled specialist in global business development and marketing medical technologies.

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Hanan Drobiner

As Global Business Development Director at BioT, Hanan has more than 15 years of experience in international sales, marketing and business development for medical devices and digital health startups in Europe.